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Can you help me find scholarly articles about how essential oils can be used for heart patients and the benefits they provide?

I am researching essential oils for use in heart patients and their benefits. I am looking for any scholarly articles that would give me some information as to how they help with hypertension, cholesterol issues, and any other benefits for heart patients.
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You are going to need to do a search in a couple different databases. I would recommend CINAHL complete and PubMed to start. I would also try Alt Health Watch and possibly Academic Search Premier You can a do a subject or keyword search for essential oils and hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, coronary disease, etc. I would seperate them, so do a search for essential oils and hypertension, then do a search for essentail oils and hyperlipidemia, etc. If you have a specific oil in mind, you may also want to search that. Do you know how to do a subject search in CINAHL and/or PubMed? If a keyword search is not giving you what you need, then try a subject search. 

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