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Can you help me find scholarly articles for an essay I am writing on "A Fault in Our Stars"?

I am currently in English Literature 210. I am writing an essay on "A Fault in Our Stars" and I need to quote some scholarly articles in regards to the book. I have searched JSTOR, MLA International, and ProjectMUSE to no avail. I have use several different search terms, but most everything I find are reviews of the book or articles on unrelated material.
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Your book and author are too new for there to be scholarly articles about them. I did a search in Humanities International Complete (DE "GREEN, John, 1977-") and found only things talking about the book being a best seller. To write about this story with scholarly sources you will need to do some type of analysis of the story, and then look for sources related to your analysis (for example, you could compare it with what scholars have said about other sources that discuss literature dealing with cancer or dying), or you might do something similar related to the author (i.e. was there something in his background that influenced his writing that could be researched?)

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