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Guides by Diane

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  • Government Information Basic Collection
    This guide serves as a point of access to government information titles in the “Basic Collection”.
  • Statistics and Data
    This guide is a compilation of sources of statistical information and data.
  • STAT-USA (Links to Sources)
    STAT-USA will cease to exist on September 30, 2010. This guide provides links to data sources which were used by the Department of Commerce to provide information on the STAT-USA website.
  • Census Information
  • How a Bill Becomes a Law
    This guide will give you general information on the steps involved in the legislative process of a bill becoming a law and how to compile a legislative history.
  • Genealogy
    This guide will help you find some of the sources available to begin your genealogy research.
  • Early U.S. Government Publications
    This guide is a list of some of the pre-1900 U.S. government publications and the resources available for your research.
  • Government Information
    There is a wealth of information to be found in government publications. Although not a complete list, this guide contains many of the available resources.
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